Louis Vuitton and BMW i8 Collaboration

Louis Vuitton Bmw i8
Louis Vuitton, the revered French luggage and trunkmaker, partners BMW to create a custom-made set of luggage crafted in carbon fibre for the newly launched BMW i8 sports car. 
The four-piece set of exclusive suitcases and bags in this collection have been carefully designed to follow the sleek lines of the BMW i8. Each piece calls on Louis Vuitton’s heritage of craftsmanship and innovation, bringing together leading edge design and materials with exacting, careful construction. Making its debut in luxury leather goods with Louis Vuitton, carbon fibre opens a world of possibilities to create and combine textiles and materials for more lightweight and durable results.
The bags are soft and flexible, with semi-rigid thermoformed cases that stack and fit perfectly in various parts of the car – Weekender GM i8 in the boot; Garment Bag i8 on the rear pacel shelf; and Business Case i8 on the back seat – allowing the drivers to travel in style.

Louis Vuitton Bmw i8 Louis Vuitton Bmw i8 Louis Vuitton Bmw i8