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Hermès Writing Universe


Beautiful Penmanship

Hermès expands its writing universe with the launch of a new Marc Newson-designed pen and a line of exquisite stationery inspired by its famed leather goods and scarves. The Nautilus pen, named after Captain Nemo’s submarine in the Jules Verne classic Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, sports simple, clean lines evocative of the sleek underwater craft. Complementing the writing instrument are notebooks and writing pads embossed with the Grain d’H pattern of micro H’s found on the French house’s leather goods, as well as postcards and blotters covered in silk from Hermès foulards.

The Marc Newson-designed Hermès Nautilus pen

Hermes Writing Universe Hermes Writing Universe 15Hermes Writing Universe 16

Notebooks and writing pads embossed with the Grain d’H pattern   

Hermes Writing Universe 14Hermes Writing Universe 7

Notebooks and postcards covered in Hermès scarves

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