Shape Up Your Brows!


If there’s one thing we can thank the prolific use of Botox it’s the realisation of how important eyebrows are in visual communication. According to researchers from MIT, it’s the eyebrows – not the eyes – that are the windows to a person’s soul. As it turns out the expressive nuances of eyebrows play a huge role in facial recognition and connecting with another person; hence the uneasiness in communication with someone who lacks the micro-expressions under the paralysing effects of Botox. 

Culturally, not only do the brows provide a form of visual clue for sexual dimorphism (thicker brows signify masculinity, thinner brows, femininity), but we’ve been evolved to see it as a factor towards sexual attractiveness. With the impact that eyebrows have on how we are being perceived, it only makes sense to pay more attention to its maintenance and shape. Since eyebrow grooming is a somewhat new area for men to dip their toes in – kudos to Japanese and Korean men for leading the pack – we consulted with brow experts Browhaus to give us the 101 on basic brow maintenance for men with different brow types and face shapes.


Shape Up Your BrowsMARC WONG

Brow type Untidy brows

Face shape Round

Treatment Marc’s already full brows and natural arch needs minor shaping, which is perfect for Browgraphy. It comprises two processes – Brow Shaping and Color Tweak. It helps to remove stray hairs on Marc’s brows and giving it a shade darker to help define his brows. Defining the slight arch on his brows gives his face better definition and shape, as well as helps balance out his slightly rounded face shape.

Process The Brow Shaping portion allows the customer to choose from threading, tweezing or a combination of both to remove stray hairs. The second part of the treatment is changing the colour of your brows – lighter or darker – to accentuate your facial features. Lighter brows tone down harsher features, while darker brows accentuate and define softer features.


Shape Up Your Brows 1JEREMY ANG

Brow type Sparse and uneven

Face shape Long and angular

Treatment Brow Resurrection 2.5. It’s a semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery treatment that’s perfectly suited for men because it fills the empty spots on the brows in a natural finish. The treatment uses 100 per cent vegetable dye to etch life-like strands onto the brows to give the illusion of naturally full arches.

Process After a full consultation with the brow technicians, they’ll draw the appropriate brow shape and thickness on your face with a brow pencil. After you’re satisfied with the projected result, the therapist will apply numbing cream on the area to prepare for the etching. A strand-like design will then be etched lightly into the surface of the skin before it is stained with a dye in a shade that best suits your complexion and hair colour. Post-treatment, Browhaus’ specially formulated aftercare products, Build and Fix, is recommended for a week after the treatment.


Shape Up Your Brows 3EDWIN TAY

Brow type Full and strong brows

Face shape Square-jawed

Treatment Probably the most basic of treatment recommendation, the Classic Threading gives a smooth and natural finish that won’t give a harsh contrast against Edwin’s angular features. Given his rather dark eyebrows, minimal shaping is required to balance out his square jaw-line. Especially suited for men, it’s highly recommended for those who prefer a natural finish.

Process A simple method (alternative to tweezing) that removes hair strands in a row quickly and efficiently compared to tweezing.


Shape Up Your Brows 2TERENCE CHOO

Brow type Full and strong brow shape

Face shape Heart-shaped

Treatment Like Edwin, Terence has shapely brows to begin with, but because he has finer features, Thread+Tweeze help to define the brows so it won’t overwhelm his face. It shapes, tidy up stray hairs to balance out with his face shape.

Process A simple and straightforward procedure that shapes the brows by threading and removing finer stray hairs by more precise tweezing.