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Tom Ford Sneakers


TOM FORD has got his male customer all covered – from clothing and accessories to perfumes and grooming products. So what else is missing in the TOM FORD universe you ask?  Sneakers. Yes, sneakers – a staple for the stylish modern gentleman yet conspicuously missing from the American designer’s range of products.

Tom Ford Sneakers

This Fall/Winter season, TOM FORD introduces its first-ever sneaker, available in both high top and low top versions. Judging from the superbly elegant and minimal, white-soled design, we conjecture that sneakers were part of Ford’s plan all along. He just took time to perfect them, as is the case for everything the famously perfectionist designer does.

Tom Ford Sneakers 12

Made of velvet, a TOM FORD signature for dinner jackets, or polished calfskin, the sneakers are offered in classic menswear shades including oxblood, chocolate, black and navy. It seems that good things really do come to those who wait. 

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