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Expert juice cleanses are no longer exclusive to celebrities and wellness gurus. Check out these fine local purveyors and be on your way to having a more holistic fitness regime. 

JOOBJuice Detox 10

Already an established organic juice business in Singapore, the guys at Joob use 100 per cent raw, natural organic fruits and vegetables in their structured detox programme that is great tasting as well.

Types: The detox programme is pretty standard, ranging from one to five days, depending on user preferences. Six juice blends are made for the programme, each with different properties. Green Machine is generally for fat burning and purging of toxins from organs. Cleansorator is an alkalising blend that is anti-inflammatory and also speeds up flushing of toxins. Immunity Booster builds up the immune system during the detox phase. Tangy Paradise is loaded with vitamins and digestive enzymes. Go Nuts is a stress-reducing blend that assists in better rest during treatment.

Pre-cleanse: There’s a substitution plan given, listing foods to be replaced or removed before the programme to minimise side- effects related to detoxification.  Post-cleanse: Abstain from lavish and calorie-heavy meals to prevent shock to the digestive system, and continue to drink juices to maintain results.




Boasting Singapore’s first all organic cold-pressed juice cleanse system, Rejuicenate is the brainchild of American chef Chris Remaley. For the programme, he teamed up with certified nutritionist consultant Berthsy Ayide, to ensure that proper nutritional values are met during the detox programme. The juices are extracted using Norwalk Cold Press, the ‘Ferrari’ of cold-pressed juicers, which yields 50 per cent to 100 per cent more juice while retaining its nutritional integrity by up to five times than from a conventional juicer. Beyond the juices, its in-house nutritionist is available to answer any questions. Customers will also be receiving daily emails from chef Remaley for moral support and clarifications on possible concerns that may pop up during the programme.

Types: Available in either three or five-day options, the programmes are categorised according to three needs. Rejuicenation Cleanse is an introduction programme for those who are new to juice cleanses, with full range of juices to get your palate adjusted. Foundation Cleanse is a more advanced program with more vegetable-based juices if you need to step up your detox routine. Elimination Cleanse is for those who do juice cleanses regularly, with more vegetable juices for an intense detox session.

Additional steps: Start the morning by drinking lukewarm water with a wedge of lemon to jumpstart your digestive system. Keep hydrated throughout the day with eight glasses of water and ease up on your fitness routine while on the programme. Pre-cleanse: Three days prior to commencing the cleanse, wean yourself off caffeine, alcohol, soda, processed food, sugar, refined starch, dairy products and meat. Start introducing more fresh vegetables in your diet for your gastrointestinal tract to adjust to the fibre intake.

Post-cleanse: Gradually introduce solid food to your digestive system by having soups, green leafy salads and steamed vegetables. Only introduce meat and dairy products three days after the end of the cleanse. | Tel: 6875 0739 or 8126 7524




Beauty Cleanse takes a holistic approach towards rebooting your system through organic juices with an easy-to-follow goal-specific system designed for specific cleansing. Taking a ‘buddy’ approach to juice cleanse, there’s constant support from the team through the process, and great emphasis on moral support.

Types: The cleanses are according to goals. Skinny Genes is designed to fire up your metabolism and burn excess fat. Beauty Boost is targeted to nourish the skin for a youthful-looking complexion. Reboot Packages are weekly one-day programme (depending on the length of consecutive weeks package selected) meant as a ‘touch-up’ to rest your digestive system in-between cleanses. Just Juicing is for first timers or those seeking to add a healthy dose of fibre and minerals to their present diet.

Additional steps: Drink eight cups of water and herbal teas with the plan to help in flushing out toxins from the system. Sweat it out through cardio workouts during the process and take warm baths to wash off toxins excreted through perspiration.

Pre-cleanse: Two days prior, reduce your intake of animal protein, processed foods, salt, refined sugar, carbohydrates, wheat, alcohol, nicotine and dairy products from your diet to ease the process. Also, avoid having a heavy dinner the night before starting the cleanse to minimise side-effects of the detox programme.

Post-cleanse: Gradually introduce solid food into your diet by eating raw and light meals. Substitute diet staples with healthier alternatives like wild grains, and brown sugar or honey.




Working with chef Stroobant (of St. Pierre Restaurant and Emmanuel Stroobant Group fame), Fresh Pressed is born out of the team’s love for healthy natural food. Their philosophy is simple, “whether you’re dedicated to juice cleanses, looking for a natural way to treat a health condition, or simply searching for your daily fix of fruits and vegetables, at Fresh Pressed, there’s a juice for that.” Staying true to that statement, their standalone Fresh Pressed Health Café has separate categories of goal-specific juice blends (Beauty, Health, Energy, and Detox) designed with additional targeted benefits for customers that would like to extend their juice habits.

Types: The programmes are designed according to the length of cleanses, 1 Day Cleanse is more of an induction for beginners who aren’t sure if their body can adapt to a juice diet. 3 Day Cleanse is the basic cleanse that allows your digestive system some rest from solid foods with enough time for detoxification processes to start. 5 Day Cleanse options are for those who aim to do a deeper detox and is designed to replenish nutrients and minerals during the process while aiding the body to rid itself of toxins.

Additional steps: On top of the six bottles of juices per day, two bottles of alkaline water should be taken in combination with at least one litre of regular water, and one bottle of herbal tea is to be incorporated into the routine at certain parts of the day, depending on the programme.

Pre/post-cleanse: Alcohol, caffeine and nicotine are to be avoided three days before, during and after the cleanse for optimal elimination of toxins from the system.

Cluny Court, #01-05B, 501 Cluny Road | Tel: 6314 1601 |



HIC JUICEJuice Detox 13

Founded by a group of food-junkies- turned-juice-enthusiasts, hic’Juice is developed (with the assistance of a certified nutritionist) upon a chanced meeting with then- pregnant – and glowing – Drew Barrymore in Los Angeles at an organic juice bar. With the high- stress working environment for Singapore’s urbanites and our unhealthy eating habits in mind, the fangirls decided to open up hic’Juice to promote the healthy glow of their favourite Hollywood celebrity here.

Types: Divided into three levels, the difference lies in the amount of green juices versus fruit juices in each. For those not fond of consuming greens, Reboot (Level 1), is perfect as a light detox programme. Restore (Level 2) is for more experienced users who are looking to gain additional detox benefits. Reborn (Level 3) is a pretty hard core cleanse system for those whose palates are used to raw greens and offers a thorough detoxification process.

Additional steps: For added boost to your cleanse, you can opt for enhancers to maximise the effects of your cleanse. For instance, you can add Puritea, which is a blend of organic loose leaf herb with weight loss benefits.

Pre-cleanse: Clear your calendar since a good rest is needed for an optimal cleanse. Preferably cut down on bread, rice, meat, dairy products, refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. Replace the mentioned food items with lots of fruits and organic vegetables two days prior to the cleanse. To ease the transition, replace your last meal with raw food, and add lemon water and herbal teas to the mix. | Email: [email protected]