Summer Grooming Guide – Part 2: CLEANSE


Summer’s an open invitation to be out and about under the sun. We present a three-part grooming guide of the latest sun protection products, cleansers and perfumes to get you through the summer. Stock up your grooming arsenal with these products to keep you looking, feeling and smelling like a boss.


Cleanse your skin to reveal a radiant complexion that will complement your hot bod and sexy beachwear this summer.

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VICHY Dercos Neogenic

The downside to elevated testosterone levels in active men is the dreaded hair loss. Coupled with the sun’s rays blasting on the scalp, the rate of hair loss is faster on men than women. Adding a powerful arsenal in your hair-thickening routine, Vichy’s Dercos Neogenic introduces a patented innovation, Stemoxydine; a molecule with biomimetic actions that stimulates dormant hair bulbs into follicular renewal. Based on the studies conducted, tests on patients with alopecia (a condition where there’s a general loss of hair in the head and body), showed significant improvement––up to 1700 new strands in a three months period with this treatment.

Summer Grooming Guide Part 2 Cleanse 1

AESOP Body Cleansing Slab

Stripped off from frills and fancies, Aesop’s signature Body Cleansing Slab does what it’s supposed to do – removes dirt from the body and leaving it fresh and supple. The low-foaming bar of soap is vegetable-based and enhanced with essential oils to create a ph balanced, moisturising lather that leaves a refreshing scent trail that’ll ease you into relaxation.Summer Grooming Guide Part 2 Cleanse 3

MANDY T Zen Body Scrub

The downside to men’s thicker and tougher skin is the build-up of dead skin cells that clog the pores, coupled with the dirt and grime that collect on the pores of physically active men, our skin definitely needs an extra hand in staying dirt-free. Enter Mandy T’s Zen body scrub. Crafted from only a handful of high-quality organic ingredients, the green tea and brown rice combo infuses the skin with much needed antioxidants while natural fibres from the rice acts as a gentle but effective exfoliant. Perfect for the thicker and tougher skin characteristics that guys have.Summer Grooming Guide Part 2 Cleanse 2