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In the Spotlight: Dodgeball


Dodgeball may be foreign to most Singaporeans, but it is slowly gaining popularity among sport fanatics who are looking for a good time with friends. Neoh Yi Hui, Vice-President and Head Coach of Dodgeball Association of Singapore (DAS) tells us what Dodgeball is all about and why it is a game for everyone.

Below: Neoh Yi Hui (seated, 3rd from right) and members of his dodgeball team, Team OutKastIn The Spotlight Dodgeball 1

What is Dodgeball all about?

Dodgeball is about fun and teamwork, regardless of gender or race, for everyone to work together and achieve a common goal to eliminate all the opponents.

What made you want to take it up?

After many years in the sporting scene, I wanted to look for a new sport which I could excel in, and at the same time bring joy and laughter to everyone around us. It is a an awesome sport to watch.

How does the game work?

Dodgeball is a game of elimination by striking your opponents with a ball or catching the ball thrown by your opponents. Only when your team eliminates all opponents, then you win a point or the set.

What is your training frequency like?

Three hours, four to five days a week.

Is it tough juggling your day job and the love for the sport?

Yes it is tough, but the thoughts of growing the sport and sharing the awesomeness of the sport to the world make it worthwhile.

What is the appeal to make you want to pursue it further?

To constantly play with and meet the best dodgeballers from all over the world keeps me pumped up and going strong.

What are the best places to play Dodgeball?

I love playing on the white sandy beach at Sentosa during the weekends as it takes away the stress from work and I can relax by the beach with awesome friends.

What is the age range of your team like?

My team, Team OutKast comprises 18 to 38-year-old players from all over Singapore and the globe.

How has the sport grown since you started out?

In 2010 when we started playing the sport, we had barely enough players to form a team. Now, we have over 100 active players.

What has the club achieved since starting out?

We started with nothing and losing most tournaments.  Team Outkast got crowned champion recently at the NTU Surf & Sweat dodgeball tournament with over 25 teams, and also secured a first runner-up position last August at the UsportsDodgeball Tournament. We have made our name strong and have international players joining our team.

What were your most memorable moments playing this sport?

Most memorable moments will be playing dodgeball in the water theme park in the Philippines and we were filmed by the local TV station and had a live interview on their radio station after an exchange tournament. We were given a warm welcome by the locals, not forgetting the moments when we were treated like celebrities in one of their prestigious clubs after winning the tournament.

Tell us more about the competitions.

Team Outkast has participated in countless tournaments, local and international. We have faced dodgeballers from Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Hongkong, Canada, USA, New Zealand, and there will be many more to come.

We are now in training for the International Asian Dodgeball Federation Dodgeball Championships 2014, where teams from all over the world will come to Singapore to compete.

What does your family think about the sport?

Initially, my family did not support me at all in my sporting endeavours. After witnessing my determination and success in the sport, they are finally supporting me.

Is the sport for everyone?
Definitely. Anyone with a heart for fun and sports should join in. We have kids from six years and above joining us.

Should someone be interested, what should they be prepared for?

Anyone interested should be prepared to welcome a whole deal of fun. They should be open-minded and take the hits by opponents lightly and enjoy the process of the game. They can start off by checking us out on Facebook (Dodgeball Association of Singapore)