HUGO Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign


HUGO presents its stunning Fall/Winter 2014 campaign, shot against the scenic backdrop of the Vasquez Rock Natural Area Park north of Los Angeles. With its 1,000 acres of dramatic desertscape studded with distinctive rock formations, the vast terrain is a popular setting for films.

Celebrated Belgian art director and photographer Pierre Debusschère – known for his use of cutting-edge technologies to compose fresh, innovative images – took the challenge of shooting in treacherous mountainous terrain to showcase the progressive looks of the HUGO Fall/Winter 2014 collection against the picturesque background of Vasquez.

Styled by Tom van Dorpe, models Amanda Murphy, Maja Salamon, Tim Schuhmacher, Andrew Westermann and Paul Boche are featured not only in the HUGO print ads, but also in a soon-to-be-released companion video for the Fall/Winter campaign.

HUGO Hugo Boss Fall Winter 2014 HUGO Hugo Boss Fall Winter 2014 HUGO Hugo Boss Fall Winter 2014