Alfred Dunhill Autumn Winter 2014


For Autumn Winter 14, Alfred Dunhill’s Creative Director John Ray turned to the House’s revered founder for inspiration. A true innovator and entrepreneur, Alfred Dunhill lived his life searching for the new and undiscovered. He coined the word “Motorities” to describe the exceptional objects and clothing he developed to make travelling an all together more pleasurable and practical experience. Decades on, Motorities has become synonymous with the British house and is thus a fitting inspiration for the AW14 collection.

Celebrating Alfred Dunhill’s spirit of innovation, John Ray breaks new ground with his use of materials for the AW14 collection—cloths traditionally used for tailoring are applied to outerwear, silk woven in a factory that produced silk for parachutes in World War II, are used extensively in outerwear, and mohair, typically a summer material, is woven in a more constructed way for winter suiting. 

The collection’s sportswear is created with techniques of bonding and sealing rubberised seams, reminiscent of Alfred Dunhill’s storm proofing patents in the early 1900’s when cars rarely had roofs and drivers were up against the elements. In addition, the colour palette of racing flag green and red, and the use of inflated chequered motifs further extend the Motorities theme.

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