Audi Star Creation 2014 Reveals Its Top 12 Finalist


The premier regional fashion design competition Audi Star Creation 2014 have announced their top 12 contestants. Out of the 418 entries from 14 countries, finalists from Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia made the cut this year, with Singapore and Korea seeing the highest number of finalists. The runway showdown, set on May 12, will be held at the glamorous [email protected] Singapore.

This international competition aims to sieve the best budding design talents between the age of 16 to 35 and requires contestants to submit six commercially viable and original pieces under this year’s theme of “The Asian Perspective”.

Two menswear finalists to keep an eye out for this year are Newman Han from Korea and Zhou Jun from China. “The Scientific Expedition” designed by Han is inspired by the exploration of colonial influences on Asian aesthetics and culture whereas Jun’s “Red Construction” collection culls inspiration from the symbolism of the colour red, which also corresponds with fire, as seen by his designs.

Prizes for this fashion showdown are attractive. Top three winners of the show get to walk away with a cash prize of $10,000, a year-long internship with F J Benjamin and a chance to develop their own capsule collection for the Audi Fashion Festival 2015 show with guidance from the luxury fashion retailer. On top of that, one of them whose work best reflects Audi’s values of innovation, technology and progression will also be awarded the prestigious Audi Young Designer Award (AYDA) and gets to bring home an additional $10,000 cash prize.


The 12 finalists for the Audi Star Creation 2014 are:

 1. Oei Shoo Jun Angeline, 27, Singapore

Collection: Uniform – Variations In A Silhouette
Inspiration: Homogenous society and Asian values

Oei Shoo Jun Angeline, Audi Star Creation 2014

Photo: Oei Shoo Jun Angeline, Uniform – Variations In A Silhouette, Audi Star Creation 2014


2. Keh Min Chloe, 19, Singapore

Collection: Grief
Inspiration: Lost of love ones and Japanese movie on Funeral

 Keh Min Chloe, Audi Star Creation 2014

Photo: Keh Min Chloe, Grief, Audi Star Creation 2014


3. Leong Yaowen, 26, Singapore

Collection: Cultural (Re)Load
Inspiration: Eastern Iconography

Leong Yaowen, Audi Star Creation 2014

Photo: Leong Yaowen, Cultural (Re)Load, Audi Star Creation 2014


4. Newman Han, 29, Republic of Korea

Collection: The Scientific Expedition
Inspiration: Study and Exploration of Asian cultures

 Newman Han, Audi Star Creation 2014

Photo: Newman Han, The Scientific Expedition, Audi Star Creation 2014


5. Hye Ra Rhee, 32, Republic of Korea

Collection: Art of Inspiring Empty Space
Inspiration: Beauty and resilience of nature’s flora

Hye Ra Rhee, Audi Star Creation 2014

Photo: Hye Ra Rhee, Art of Inspiring Empty Space, Audi Star Creation 2014


6. Hye Jin Kim, 27, Republic of Korea

Collection: Blooming Your Truth
Inspiration: Buddhism Symbols

 Hye Jin Kim, Audi Star Creation 2014

Photo: Hye Jin Kim, Blooming Your Truth, Audi Star Creation 2014


7. Zhou Jun, 24, China

Collection: Red Construction
Inspiration: Traditional symbolic colour of Red 

Zhou Jun, Audi Star Creation 2014

Photo: Zhou Jun, Red Construction, Audi Star Creation 2014


8. Rebecca Corine Lam, 25, Hong Kong

Collection: ZHI
Inspiration: Paper Material

Rebecca Corine Lam, Audi Star Creation 2014 
Photo: Rebecca Corine Lam, ZHI, Audi Star Creation 2014


9. Tu Nguyen Hoang, 23, Vietnam

Collection: The New Asia
Inspiration: Development in Asia

 Tu Nguyen Hoang, Audi Star Creation 2014

Photo: Tu Nguyen Hoang, The New Asia, Audi Star Creation 2014


10. Kata Oka Hidenobu, 22, Japan

Collection: MA
Inspiration: Heart of the sun

 Kata Oka Hidenobu, Audi Star Creation 2014

Photo: Kata Oka Hidenobu, MA, Audi Star Creation 2014


11. Peh Chin Yee, 24, Malaysia

Collection: The Anatomy of Vanda
Inspiration: Singapore’s National Flower Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’ orchid

Peh Chin Yee, Audi Star Creation 2014 

Photo: Peh Chin Yee, The Anatomy of Vanda, Audi Star Creation 2014


12.    Erica Devi Handika, 21, Indonesia

Collection: Armours of Warriors
Inspiration: Armours worn during Bronze Age in China

Erica Devi Handika, Audi Star Creation 2014
Photo: Erica Devi Handika, Armours of Warriors, Audi Star Creation 2014