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Theatre-Bound – Dick Lee Impresses with Rising Son


   Rising Son Sets Emotion And Tension Aflame On Stage 1 1

Set against the backdrop of the Japanese occupation, Dick Lee presents Rising Son which tells of the coming-of-age stories that were inspired by his parents and his personal growing up experiences. Written by Lee himself, the play revolves around Sunny (Tan Shou Chen) and Ruby (Seong Hui Xuan) who form an interesting relationship with a Japanese army lawyer (Caleb Goh) who lived next door.

Lee trusts that the younger generation will be given valuable insight into life during those trying years, while a different perspective to those who still vividly remember that period of their lives. As with all trilogies, we can only wait in anticipation to when the second play will be coming up.

Made in Singapore: Rising Son will be shown till 12 April at the DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT. Tickets from Sistic.

18485922Rising Son Sets Emotion And Tension Aflame On Stage