What Time Is It? – Escale Worldtime debuts at BaselWorld 2014


What Time Is It Escale Worldtime Debuts At Baselworld 2014 2

Debuting at Baselworld 2014, Louis Vuitton had the watch world up in arms over the release of their latest timepiece – the Escale Worldtime. What looks like a futuristic gadget is actually the French label’s way of drawing inspiration from the company’s history, creating a watch that presents distinctive features in a travel watch. At a time when our world’s borders are becoming increasingly blurred, Escale Worldtime will appeal to both globe-trotters to busy businessmen, both of which have been known to always be on the search of exclusive timepieces.

What definitely caught out eye first was the “worldtime” function – consisting of three separate mobile discs, they are adjusted by the single crown and synchronised by an automatic calibre, which is developed and assembled by the La Fabrique duTemps Louis Vuitton manufacture. The large exterior double-layered coloured disc comprises the initials of cities which can be rotated to adjust to the reference city which should be positioned at 12 o’clock or above the yellow arrow. The central disc, which is constantly rotating, is divided into two black and white semi-circles to distinguish between day and night.

What Time Is It Escale Worldtime Debuts At Baselworld 2014

The smallest disc in the centre is also constantly rotating and comprises numbers corresponding to the minutes highlighted by a precise, contrasting minute circle. The “Worldtime” indication without an with no hand is a first in watchmaking designwhich has been developed by the master watchmakers of the La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton manufacture.

The Escale Worldtime’s case is made from polished, white gold with a satin finish and features corner pieces which are reminiscent of Louis Vuitton trunks. These have been transformed into horns which protect the case to fulfil their original purpose, like a miniature round trunk containing a precious calibre.

The open dial is made of fine bezel while the sapphire back reveals an aluminium disc that rotates around the Louis Vuitton logo. Looking extremely intricate, the workmanship is no rush job too – it takes the craftsman 50 hours to complete a dial in the workshop dedicated specifically to this task within the La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton manufacture . Using miniature painting techniques and working with oil paint of 30 colours are applied one by one with a paintbrush using tiny, successive strokes.