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Emptied Gestures: Dance and Art


Emptied Gestures Dance And Art

Emptied Gestures is an experiment by Heather Hansen in kinetic drawing. Part dance, part performance art, she creates stunning art using her body, charcoal and a canvas surface on the floor, exploring ways to express her movement directly onto paper, emptying gestures from one form to another.

Her work showcases the fluid motions of the body and the symmetrical forms that it creates as she twists and bends over the sheet. Hansen’s work comprises of beautiful curving arcs similar to the emotive motions of dance, have just the right balance of passionate imperfection.

Emptied Gestures Dance And Art 1

 Most of Hansen’s work is performed live in front of crowds that surround the canvas as she glides her charcoal covered frame around to create surreal and captivating patterns.

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