Say My Name: All-New Ferraris Personalised


Ferrari California T 600x424

Ferrari has revealed that every car that rolled off its Maranello production line, over the course of 2013, did so with a bespoke feature. Buyers are having a growing appetite for bespoke features, of which Americans have the biggest take up rate. Clients from the States purchased 2,035 cars, more than the 700 bought in Asia which includes China, Hong Kong Macau and Taiwan.

Ferrari reported its net profits were up five per cent for the year, hitting 246 million euros ($338.5 million), despite the fall in sales. Meanwhile, the number of cars sold declined by 5% to 6,922, not due to a fall in demand, but the company’s aim to reduce supply, in a bid to maintain the brand’s luxury status, thus increasing its value.

Ferrari 458 Speciale 600x4491

“We wanted to maintain a high level of exclusivity, designing amazing products such as the La Ferrari, the 458 Speciale and the just launched California T,” said Ferrari’s president, Luca di Montezemolo.