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Pictorial Art – agnès b. Photo Print Exhibition


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In the world of agnès b., fashion does not carry the usual sense of familiarity. It expresses every second of life, through observations and discussions, of memories and experiences, as well as the capturing of vast lands and natural phenomenal. These expressions have eventually led to present this unique creation though fashion pieces; as the wearer dons a moving landscape which gives the impression of the stories, within the prints, being told.

The fashion world of agnès b. is inseparable from the world of art & culture. As a passionate art lover, Agnès takes on a different fashion model. She challenged it usingvarious forms of art, integrating her view of life, creating the in-depth, spirit & soul of the brand.

The classic and sleek black and white suit series was inspired by black-and-white movies as well as new wave of imaging findings; collaboration with different artists who designed “Artist T-shirt” which demonstrates an open attitude towards art. Besides, the photo print pieces which are introduced at every season are shots taken by Agnès’, drawn on her everyday life, emphasizing on agnès b. unique French artistic spirit in the simplest and most direct manner.

The inspiration for photo print originates from life’s moments. It could have been a random shot, an impression from a film or a simple touching moment. For an avid traveller like Agnès, the world is her camera lens’ oyster. From the sights of Franceholiday destination Brittany beach; edge of the world Iceland; neon-lit nights of Tokyo; street graffiti culture in New York etc., make up the blueprint of Agnès’ canvas. Through her camera lenses, the vitality of the subject is enhanced and enlarged. Even the most ordinary photograph of a staircase, can transform a simple skirt into extraordinary. The photo print collection does not sorely rely on photography skills and advanced printing technology but presents the love and warmth, of a quiet but surprisingly charming work of the photographer when she clicks that shutter.

The self-taken shots by Agnès have always been one of the key design elements inevery season collection since the debut of the photo print. You will find Agnèsphotography created in forms of t-shirt, skirt, dress, accessories & even in-store posters. In the latest Spring Summer 2014 collection, you will find photo print printed on leather pieces like bags and wallets, using digital technology.

Today, photo print has become an icon of agnès b.; a continuation of art &photography embedded deeply within the brand. Just like the sayings goes, “Art isn about life and enjoying life is a form of fashion”, is the stand agnès b. makes in thefashion industry.

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