Horological Optics: Hublot Specs


Horological Optics Hublot Specs

Working in conjunction with Marcus Marienfeld AG, Hublot presents its first ever pair of sunglasses. Handmade in Switzerland, these sunglasses are a fusion of elegant contemporary design and high-performance materials.

The sunglasses boast blue-grey CR-39 lenses bearing the Zeiss signature anti-reflective coating on the inner surface. The coating prevents internal reflections and allows the lenses to be water repellent. The outer surface, with the Tri-Flection coating, does not require much cleaning as fingerprints marks and dust adhere less to the surface. The adjustable titanium frame features a unique design specially developed by Marcus Marienfeld AG with the Hublot team. The sunglasses also have distinctive details like the H-shaped screws and the Hublot logo on each arm with a rubber insert at the end for comfort.

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