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OF THIS MINUTE: 2014 Art Stage Singapore


Of This Minute 2014 Art Stage Singapore

This year, the exhibition has a slightly different take, showcasing eight countries from Southeast Asia, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Central Asia that adds an exciting new flair of art, further bolstering the fair’s offerings.

 Visitors will realise that this year will see a museum-like layout and curators and advisors from around the globe select artists and presentations for the various platforms. Also, fringe programmes such as talks by artists are set to happen with a number of guided tours conducted by professional art guides are in the works.

Giving institutions a chance to take part in the event, Art Stage Singapore is collaborating with schools such as the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) and LASELLE College of the Arts. Acitivies include panel discussions and talks throughout.

One of the main highlights this year is the evening programme happening from 15-17 January 2014 at Fair’s Vernissage, Singapore Biennale and Gillman Barracks. Art aficionados will be able to experience what Singapore’s art scene is like, making the event one that is truly of a local flavour.

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