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OF THIS MINUTE: The Champagne of Champs: No. 1 Night Edition


Recognised by its cordon rouge — the distinctive red sash, the history of the House has always been one of adventure driven by the shared passion and courage of its founders. With its Champagne Protocoles, G.H.MUMM injects rituals with magic and infuses them with conviviality.

From opening the bottle to making a toast, G.H.Mumm seeks to intensify the champagne moment. Inspired by the victory and the celebration of Grand Prix champions, G.H.Mumm will be launching the Cordon Rouge in a special edition named No. 1 Night Edition, in limited quantities.

To celebrate the New Year and the launch of the limited No. 1 Night Edition, G.H.Mumm Brand Ambassadors will be on a lookout for winners at Zouk on every Wednesday, starting from 15th January 2014. If you are being identified as a winner, you will be handed a card with one of the following messages:

 “You’re dressed in a winning combination.”

“You look like you win over friends easily.”

“You move like a winner.”

“Your winning smile shines through.”

The Champagne Of Champs No 1 Night Edition

With this trump card, you will be able to enjoy a complimentary glass of G.H.Mumm No. 1Night Edition champagne. With every bottle of champagne opened, the guest will then pop the confetti canon to release golden streamers into the air – partying like a true champion.

The Champagne Of Champs No 1 Night Edition 2.