OF THIS MINUTE: Jeff Koons’s Guilty – Mega Yacht


Jeff Koonss Guilty Mega Yacht 1

Partnered with fabled yacht designer, Ivana Porifi, “Guilty” is deemed a mega yacht. Said to be inspired by the British’s naval ships from World War I, I definitely see more of the bold use in geometric designs that include polygons and rhombuses. With thepairing of unusual shapes and contrasting colours, pop art immediately comes to mind. But look slightly closer and you will see hints of the late Roy Liechtenstein’s work: though Koons says that the legendary artist’s influence was not part of the final product.

For all the abnormal shapes on the exterior, the interior plays with natural lighting that is made brighter due to the white walls and ceilings. The master bedroom boasts of a private terrace while the guest cabins features art pieces.

Commissioned by Greek Cypriot, Dakis Joannou – who is a connoisseur of fine art – it is more surprising this industrialist did not have Koons on board sooner.

 Jeff Koonss Guilty Mega Yacht 2 Jeff Koonss Guilty Mega Yacht 3Jeff Koonss Guilty Mega Yacht 5