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IN PRINT: Bright Young Things


In Print Bright Young Things 2

BJORN LOW, Founder of Edible Gardens

“We have a population of five million people, living on an island four times smaller than Bali – and importa 95 percent of our food. Supermarkets and markets probably hold inventory of maybe three days to a week’s supply of food. It’s a precarious situation to being if ever a global crisis hits. If we start changing one garden at a time to grow food, start to educate people how to do basic growing, we not only lessen the risk of starving to death in an event of a crisis, but we also get more in touch with nature and with ourselves.”


In Print Bright Young Things 3

DAWN NG, artist

“I tell stories. I make things; I spent several years living in various cities – the ideas, imagery and people I met were foundational to my work. The experience left me feeling ‘lost’, and I think getting lost is a great instigator of ideas, and it stirs an incredible longing to find something internally – be it a place, a memory, a truth or myself.”


In Print Bright Young Things 4

SHAUN JENSEN, musician

“The entertainment environment is much alive with creative musicians. However it remains much more of an underground scene. But there doesn’t seem to be a lot of reception and appreciation from the public.”


The full interviews were published in the Aug13 issue.

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ALEX LOH, mixologist

“It’s fun behind the bar but you will never have more fun than the customers.”


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ZERO, graffiti artist

“More often than not, despite the differing medium or technique, every artwork is a distillation of the artist’s expression and perspective. For me, I’m always looking deeper into the human condition – be it through politics, social issues, current affairs and popular culture – and touch on how we, as citizens of a developed nation, feel; the rush and hustle of daily lives to make ends meet or achieve our dreams take a toll on us. Though Singapore is a relatively young nation, we can’t help but feel aged and fatigued, getting where we are now in such a short period of time.”


In Print Bright Young Things 7

LEICESTER CLINTON GEORGE, co-founder of Crawford & Sons and Amen and brand manager of K by Kevin Seah

“I’m looking forward to bringing AMEN and Crawford & Sons to many countries such as Japan and Australia. As for K by Kevin Seah and Kevin Seah Bespoke, I’m excited about collaborating with many new artisans and introducing the brands around the world through trunks shows.”


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PEIRONG WU, designer of Peir Wu

“It’s either reviving the mundane or finding new materials and techniques.”


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STEPHEN LANGDOWN, Personal fitness trainer and aspiring MMA fighter

“Working myself to the bone makes me feel alive at the end of the day. And if anyone tells me I can’t do it, I won’t stop until they’re wrong. I like to push myself hardest, and when that’s done, I push some more.”

The full interviews were published in the Aug13 issue.