IN PRINT: Cove-Style Tropical


An open field on one side and a confluence of two waterways at the back served as cues for Timur Designs to highlight a specific architecture. When their clients wanted a tropical house for a family of four, Timur Designs presented to them a two-storey structure with a soaring roof and a well-defined yet open plan where light and air can circulate freely. They provided balconies and tall, broad windows that look out to a strip of landscaped public land on one side and the waterways at the rear. The house in Sentosa Cove certainly benefits from its location but more importantly from architectural strategies that highlight the advantages of the site.

“Our response to the site was to have all the living and dining spaces at the rear in order to optimise the water view,” says Wong Ai Loon, partner at Timur Designs. Sentosa Cove is master-planned with convenient access to the waters. However, notes, Wong, “this gave rise to the issue of traversing a long circulation to get to the rear