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IN PRINT: Spa-Tacious Treats


If I have one vice when I fly, it would be my weakness for champagne. After all, there really isn’t much one can do on board a plane is there? I’m out of the country every month sometimes even twice a month. Frequent flying coupled with generous amounts of champagne isn’t what any dermatologist would prescribe but this is how I see it: You Only Live Once. Plus, I do have superb products that I never leave the country without.


–                     Caudalie’s Grape Water Harvest Mist

Made with organic grape water, it helps significantly increase skin’s hydration level.


–                     Weil For Origins’ Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Face Mask

For long haul flights, my trick is to use a cream mask and sleep with it on instead of moisturisers for a more concentrated dose of hydration and nutrients.


–                     Dorissiderm’s Bio-Cellulose Peptide Repair Mask

Fits better than regular tissue masks. It is also so concentrated that I leave it on for 45 minutes.


–                     Blue Palace Elounda Spa & Thalassotherapy

 A spa for hours of rejuvenation whole on vacation is something I always subscribe to. Here, natural salt water and its marine elements such as seaweed, thermal clay and plankton are some of the indispensable elements that are used in Thalassotherapy.


–                     Mystique’s Asian Spa

Located in Santorini, the spa helped unblock my chakras, improving my body’s natural equilibrium.


–                     Light My Fire

Used my very own chakra-unblocking oil to help with the process.


The full article was published in the Nov 13 issue.