GOTTA HAVE IT: James Bond 007 fragrances


Gotta Have It James Bond 007 Fragrances 1

The newest addition to the hugely popular fragrance line up is Quantum, an invigorating scent bringing to life Bond’s calm composure and his ability to remain cool under pressure. Offering three energising and evocative scents, the 007 house has a fragrance for all men who aspire to exude the essence of Bond; culminating in the most indulgent and undeniably masculine collection of gifts, perfect for the modern day man.

For the man who admires Bond’s refined style the dangerously sophisticated Signature James Bond 007 Fragrance is the inevitable choice. The second installment to the 007 house, Ocean Royale, presents a refreshing combination of ingredients for men who desire the invigorating thrill of adventure. Finally, for the risk taker and the man who embodies Bond’s sense of calm control, there is Quantum – the ultimate scent to face any challenge, no matter how high the stakes.  

Complementing the trio of sophisticated scents, with masculine ingredients that generations of men can relate to, is the exclusive Quantum gift set including an Eau De Toilette and revitalising Shower Gel. For men who desire the most unique of items, 007 Fragrances offer the coolest Christmas collectable of the year: a pair of classic Martini glasses, representative of the elegant and sophisticated world of Bond. Evoking the icy landscapes featured in Bond films over the last fifty years, and utilising a theme which runs throughout 007 Fragrance gifting for 2013, this Christmas collectable will help you celebrate in true 007 style.