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IN PRINT: The Right Fit


The modern man has several platforms for which he can express his sense of style but nothing is quite as personal as scent. My olfactory journey began as a teenager and like almost every teenager, I gravitated towards what was generally accepted as cool. My first scent was CK Be and I loved it so much that my 15 year-old-self proclaimed that sex smelled like CK Be and sweat.

But these days, I am drawn to scents that sublimely work on different levels. Scents that pull double duty; not just smell good but also serve to elevate mood. I didn’t have to look very far to find three experts right here in Singapore that have helped me to refine my signature scent.

 In Print The Right Fit 1

–         Code Deco

A luxurious line of complex scents created by classically trained nose, Gauri Garodia.

In Print The Right Fit

–     House of Aurora

The amazing Michael Klyne is someone I highly recommend.

In Print The Right Fit

–         A Dose of Something Good

A range of beautiful candles by Robert Upton.

The full article appeared in the Oct 13 issue