GOTTA HAVE IT: H&M Sport for Men


Gotta Have It Hm Sport For Men 1The new H&M Sport collection has been designed with input from world-class professional athletes from the Swedish Olympic team, placing the emphasis on performance, with a natural instinct for fashion. In addition to a new visual identity, H&M Sport will also get its own dedicated area in selected stores. The expansion confirms H&M’s long-term commitment to H&M Sport, and its rapidly growing engagement with the world of sport.

For men at H&M Sport, key running garments include running jackets, in either block colour or prints, and printed running T-shirts; and there’s athletic kit such as work-out T-shirts, warm-up tops and trousers, and sleeveless hoodies. For outdoors, there are insulating jackets and base layers, as well as the key fully-waterproof shell jacket, and for tennis there’s the essential polo shirt and tennis shorts.

“The new H&M Sport is so exciting, especially with the expert input from the Swedish Olympic team. Sport and fitness is becoming an increasingly important part of all of our lifestyles, and the new H&M Sport is there to help you look and feel great,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Head of Design at H&M. “What we wear definitely makes a difference when we compete. It’s been a great experience to offer our advice on this newly expanded H&M Sport collection. Our focus has been on checking the pieces for fit and function, for performance and also for comfort. These new H&M Sport pieces will help everyone get the most out of their sporting life,” says Swedish swimmer and Olympic medalist Therese Alshammar.

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