GOTTA HAVE IT: Valentino Uomo fragrance


Gotta Have It Valentino Uomo Fragrance 4


Its subtle, light, unique signature is only revealed, like the clothes, up close: it is a profoundly Italian blend made of precisely chosen ingredients. Valentino Uomo is enveloped by the limpid elegance of zesty bergamot and its surprising hint of spice. Barely touched by myrtle, it opens with racy notes of coffee and the shimmering tones of gianduja cream, in a memorable enticing duo. It is retained by an enveloping musky hint of white leather that reveals the majesty of cedar. A classic accord, softly smoky woody, with a touch of vagueness that upsets the balance, it is an expression of unmistakable style, the olfactory equivalent of the elegant discretion of monograms embroidered in a hidden place on a shirt.


The search for a timeless modern classic and the sense of history in present day Rome with fast-forward shots are expressed in the bottle, which is a visual summation and first sign of Valentino Uomo. An object with a strong, tactile presence, its shape is reminiscent of a bottle of fine liqueur because the perfume inside is an amber liquid. The glass of the entire surface is cut in prisms that are studs, but could even be the ashlar bricks on a patrician palazzo. A metal band circles the bottle and imprints the silhouette with a signature: Valentino. Vibrant classicism and subtle rebellion effortlessly unite in a design with sophisticated influences, closed inside a box with a simple black label trimmed in gold. Everything about Valentino Uomo is restrained, yet enticing.


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