IN PRINT: Carlos Rosillo, CEO for Bell & Ross


“I like to end all my business trips to Asia in Malaysia because there is a place that I like very much called Pangkor Laut Resort. It’s an island paradise of landscape, beautiful nature and takes me far away from the stresses of work. It’s a great place to have a vacation.

Although I’m lucky to live in a beautiful city, Paris and my daily commute to work takes me pass some of the most beautiful landmarks in the world – the Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Palais Royal – I think I still need a break to have creative thoughts and ideas. I want to have a good work/life balance and private time with my family and wife is important; My summer vacations are a break from thinking about my projects and business – I won’t say a vacation is a time when I don’t work because sometimes the best ideas I have is when I’m on vacation! Every summer we go to the Costa Brava, Spain, for the space and beauty.

The most remarkable country I’ve visited is Iceland. You think you’re on the moon. There are some plants there that you have never seen in your life – it is so wild that I think it is the most amazing place on earth.”