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IN PRINT: Clicking Through

IN PRINT: Clicking Through

“I celebrated Hogmanay, the year-end Scottish celebration on New Year’s Eve, with a few friends in a small village pub on Islay in the Inner Hebrides…” – Jerome Lim

In Print Clicking Through

“My honeymoon in Madagascar was also special. We went trekking through their jungles in search of lemurs, and that was memorable.” – Nellie Huang

“I visited Israel twice within eight months and had my first unforgettable diving experience in the Red Sea with dolphins for company.” – Eunice Kong

“A good multi-purpose scarf, a hardy journal, an open mind and a sense of adventure.” – Jaclynn Seah

“The Burmese have a simple, honest and contented perspective towards life and it has taught me to be grateful for what I have.” – Wu Swee Ong


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“… I have become much more tolerant and patient after many unusual encounters and unique places.” See Wee Heng

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