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MUST TRY: KU DÉ TA’s Spectacular Tasting Menu


Must Try Ku D Tas Tasting Menu.Already part of the must-try in the Singapore eatery scene, KU DÉ TA’s latest tasting menu is a mouthwatering 4-course meal with an abundance of 12 different dishes to tingle your tummies. Nestled appropriately at the top of Marina Bay Sands, this cutting-edge restaurant sets high standards for patrons of the iconic Singaporean hot spot to dine and relax as they witness the stunning rooftop surrounding.

Focusing to offer a Japanese-oriented set, KU DÉ TA puts unique and exclusive twists to otherwise traditional dishes that will dance around your taste buds; highlights include the Yutaka Roll which is a blend of foie gras, scallop, salmon skin and cucumber into one delectable sushi, the Crispy-Sticky Baby Squid which was probably the most scrumptious squid I’ve ever tasted, the Pork Belly Lollipop which included pork belly that has been marinated overnight combined with (oddly enough) green apple jelly which surprisingly had a harmonious taste in our mouths, the tiger prawn tempura which had a Singaporean twist in the form of the yellow curry and laksa leaf, and finally the dessert of ‘Apple & Honey’ which featured a mix fresh green apple, granite and jelly, a ‘cremeux’ blend of milk & honey and honeycomb crumble; the trick was to mash and mix all these ingredients together to form what would eventually taste like very delicate apple pie in our mouths. With a menu list that’s enough to cover all corners of your craving, and a spectacular ambience to accompany it, what better way to end a tiring day of work than to unwind here? 

Must Try Ku D Tas Tasting MenuSalmon Sashimi (shishito dressing, mizuna) and Yutaka Roll (foie gras, scallop, salmon skin, cucumber)

Must Try Ku D Tas Tasting Menu 1Salmon Skin Salad (salmon skin, mizuna, light soy dressing, pickled carrot) and Crispy-Sticky Baby Squid (black pepper & lime drizzle)


Must Try Ku D Tas Tasting Menu 2Pork Belly Lollipop (smoked chili, citrus, coriander oil)


Must Try Ku D Tas Tasting Menu 3Roasted Black Cod (red miso, shiitake mushroom, shishito pepper) and Tiger Prawn Tempura (yellow curry, laksa leaf, miso mustard)

Must Try Ku D Tas Tasting Menu 4Tiger Prawn Tempura (yellow curry, laksa leaf, miso mustard)


Must Try Ku D Tas Tasting Menu 5 Grilled Australian Lamb Rack (marinated tomato, spiced sesame & shisho sauce)

Must Try Ku D Tas Tasting Menu 6 US Prime ‘Brandt Beef’ Ribeye (braised red onion, coriander butter)

Must Try Ku D Tas Tasting Menu 7Nikka Whisky Baba & Roasted White Chocolate (white peach sorbet, salted chocolate powder) and ‘Apple & Honey’ (fresh green apple, milk & honey ‘cremeux’, green apple granite, honeycomb crumble, green apple jelly)