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OF THIS MINUTE: Louis Vuitton’s “Timeless Muses” in Tokyo


 Of This Minute Louis Vuittons Timeless Muses In TokyoLouis Vuitton has had their fair share of muses that ranges from all surfaces of the creative industry. From music icon Madonna, to humanitarian/actress Angelina Jolie, the iconic label shows that they have the power to sway just about every movers and shakers on Earth to do a collaborate alliance with their brand.

In honor of this momentum, the French fashion house will stage a special and exclusive high-tech exhibition dedicated to six “Timeless Muses” that have graced their presences in the Vuitton house in Tokyo later this month. The exhibition will take place in a luxurious hotel in the recently refurbished Tokyo Station for three whole weeks and feature the six women who dare “to move frontiers.” The list includes French actress Catherine Deneuve, supermodel Kate Moss, renowned director Sofia Coppola, novelist Françoise Sagan, architect Charlotte Perriand and 19th-century French Empress consort Eugénie de Montijo.

Those lucky enough to visit the interactive exhibition will be invited to wear masks that use polarized lenses and white-screen technology to enhance their viewing experince. Sounds like another grand Vuitton spectacle that’s not to be missed!