CAMPAIGN CIRCUIT: Keepin’ It Surreal With Kenzo


Ca.In what could possibly be Fall/Winter 2013’s most odd (yet coolest) fashion campaign, Kenzo presents to us a series of surreal images that only a brand with such youth and brash could pull off. The chain of bizarre and wacky images were created by Maurizio Cattelan, photographed by Pierpaolo Ferrari and stars male supermodel Sean O’Pry and Academy Award nominated actress Rinko Kikuchi. Kenzo duo designers Carol Lim and Huberto Leon wanted the label’s advertising to look “weird and cool… a lot of people discover a brand by flipping through a magazine, so [we] wanted to give Kenzo a voice that is different from everything else.” With images that include an adorable kitty cat peeking out of a polished dress shoe and models being pinned down as insect specimens, we’re sure readers are going to have a second look and memorize the Kenzo brand. 

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