GOTTA HAVE IT: Monster’s Gratitude Earbuds


Gotta Have It Monsters Gratitude Earbuds 2Monster headphones is now synonymous for collaborating with a plethora of musicians for their products, and their Gratitude model sees their alliance with the legend that is Earth, Wind and Fire; one can assume the name Gratitude was inspired by the triple-platinum album of the same name. “Head Monster” Noel Lee and Earth, Wind and Fire cores Philip Bailey, Verdine White and Ralph Johnson proclaim that the birth of Gratitude came about as a common appreciation for live, natural sound and these ear-buds were created to reproduce live sound as closely as possible.

Your Gratitude experience begins through their presentation straight away. With a grand opulence in the delivery of their product, Monster has managed to blow us away with their over-the-top packaging; they start off with a brown felt-line case adorned with a gold emblem, followed by the revelation of an equally impressive set of rose-gold finish ear-buds protected within the box. The set also comes with an excess of twelve pair of ear-tips in varying sizes to make sure that you musical experience is reached in their optimum level for maximum enjoyment.

We would highly recommend Gratitude for those of you with a very picky ear for live music; we guarantee the natural sounds from these ear-buds are going to transfer you from the comforts of your bedroom and to the very stage of performance. 

Gotta Have It Monsters Gratitude Earbuds