MUST ATTEND: Fly Me to France, The Great Wine Adventure


Must Attend Fly Me To France The Great Wine Adventure 9.Come 1st September 2013, Café & Bar Gavroche will be launching a new wine experience to excite wine-lovers and convert casual tipplers.

Wines from France’s best wine-producing regions will be served in Flights of 5 (from $32) or Flights of 3 (from $16), with Café & Bar Gavroche’s recently appointed Wine Guru Manuel Rodrigues to lead the wine expedition. With as many as 11 Flights to select from, your discovery of the France region will be as diverse as it is tasteful.

One may choose to discover the culture via its regions – Flying Business Class Regional (Flight of 5, $38) takes you through a discovery of the Sud Ouest (South West) and uncover its strong personality, then the authentic tastes of Loire Valley wines, before you pass by Alsace, with its unique flavors, to the delightful complexity of Burgundy, and finally finishing with the class of Bordeaux.

One may also choose to fly First Class All The Way (Flight of 5, $48), which charts a course through the purity of Champagne, before heading to Burgundy where Chardonnay and Pinor Noir grow in abundance. Next, head down to the region of the spices, Rhone Valley, then savor the surprising flavors of Languedoc-Roussillon, before ending this delectable journey with the class and unique tastes of Bordeaux.

If you are up for a surprise, then allow Manuel Rodrigues to chart you an exciting flight course by Flying Blind (Flight of 5, $32) a wine discovery through five chosen regions.

Other Wine Flights include a Ladies Tour (Flight of 3, $20), with three feminine wines that are charming, sweet and pure in flavor, a Gentlemen’s Tour (Flight of 3, $24), with strong character and personality, an Organic Tour (Flight of 3, $21), showcasing the pure tastes of all-natural wine making, and a Bubbly Tour (Flight of 3, $38) with the pure tastes of house champagne Bauget-Jouette, and two original champagne cocktails concoctions made from the same champagne.

Also, aimed to debunk the myth that savoring quality French wines will cost you a small fortune, the Parisian café and bar will feature a thoughtfully-curated list of wines sourced from all over France, with at least 50 of its wines below S$100 a bottle. 

Paired with its menu of authentic café-style dining, diners can look forward to the perfect union of great wines with Charcuterie and French Cheese Boards, as well as its selection of Tartines and signature Croque Monsieur.

Must Attend Fly Me To France The Great Wine Adventure 5.