Never One to Shy from Controversy: Marc Jacobs Strips for Diet Coke Ad


Seems like Diet Coke’s new Creative Director for 2013 Marc Jacobs is quite the hands-on (and shirts-off) kind of guy. Always game to strip down for advertising’s sake (remember the campaign for his perfume Bang?), the visionary fashion designer once again bares skin in Marc Jacobs’ Photo Booth Break, the first of two cheeky video ads promoting his limited edition collection of must-have bottles and cans. The lighthearted and cheesy commercial hearkens to the legendary Diet Coke ‘Hunk’ ads from the 1990s, and has Jacobs – dressed in his trademark kilt – getting frisky in a photo booth with a can of Diet Coke.

Due to celebrate his 50th birthday this April, the creative powerhouse puts most of us young-uns to shame with that ripped physique of his. Well, if drinking Diet Coke (rather than regular Coke) gets us that amaze-bod, we’ll be sure to stock them up in the office by the carton-load!