The Re-Invention Tour: Damier Goes Day-Glo


The Re Invention Tour Damier Goes Day Glo

Damier Infini Keepall 55 carryalls, Brazza wallets, pocket organizers and key rings in neon yellow and neon orange leather

You’ve come a long way, baby: Louis Vuitton’s chocolate checkered Damier squares have been reconfigured into delicious sorbet shades for Spring 2013 and splashed all over a range of man bag candy.

Just last year, the French maison dipped the Damier motif into the briny waters off the coast for a nautical spin on its iconic print, to produce a tough, lightweight nylon it dubbed the Damier Aventure, as well as an even more rugged, sailing-grade version in water-resistant nylon, appropriately named the Damier Challenge. (It bears noting, of course, that these more “functional” carryalls are every bit as stylish as those in Vuitton’s supple leather.)

The Re Invention Tour Damier Goes Day Glo 5

Lightpacks in mercure and orange Damier Aventure canvas, Solano in Mercure Damier Challenge canvas and orange Masai Damier rug

Inch forward a few months into 2013 and expect to see the bravest of souls carrying the newly minted Damier Infini in flourescent limes and oranges, as well, or the innocuous Damier Ebène that opens up to reveal a cheerily bright interior. Available in very on-trend backpacks (our pick of the lot, by the way), handy totes and a selection of trinkets, these are great for injecting pep and color into your closet.

The Re Invention Tour Damier Goes Day Glo 4

(Top tier) Backpack in Oxygen Damier Challenge canvas, portfolio in blue Epi leather; (bottom)Bumbag in Oxygen Damier Challenge canvas, Sirocco in Oxygen Damier Challenge canvas

Louis Vuitton