Who Wore It Better? Bolin Chen vs. Eddie Redmayne


Just when we thought we were done swooning over the aristocratic flair of Eddie Redmayne‘s plush velvet suit, we were alerted by the good folks at Burberry of Bolin Chen wearing the exact same Prorsum suit. Time for a fashion face-off!

Let’s tease apart the styling differences. For starters, the Taiwanese model-actor, seen here at this year’s Golden Bell Awards, chose to pair his already dramatic velvet jacket with a satin bowtie with a competing sheen—too many textures and too much shine here, we think. And his black patent lace-ups happen to be one of those unfortunate items that manage to be both obstrusive and run-of-the-mill at once. 

The coup de grâce? Not to put too fine a point on it, but Bolin is looking just a wee bit puffy here (water retention?), and his rumpled trousers are most certainly not as expertly fitted as Eddie’s are. Oh well, pity. If you’re still keen on getting your paws on this red-carpet look, Mr Porter is offering the teal blazer here.