Back to School, Eton Boy: Darren Criss in Emporio Armani


The teacher’s pet played hooky and snuck out to honour Katy Perry for the Trevor Project, decked out in a proper preppy collegiate chic ensemble that also cocked a nod to one of the emerging trends in menswear: throwing on a cardigan in lieu of more formal evening-wear.

Looking very snug in a knit double-breasted navy jacket from Emporio Armani Spring 2013, we like the twinkle of the Little Drummer Boy military buttons on Darren’s coat, which he echoed in the Christmassy wine-red silk tie from cool handmade brand The Tie Bar.

And yes, lest fans protest that this outfit looks too much as if Darren just stepped off the Glee set in one of his standard-issue Warbler uniforms, his stylist shoehorned him into fancy Louboutin “James” loafers, which we really want for ourselves—I mean, a metallic brogue toe-cap affixed onto a black patent body and shiny tassels might seem like overkill on paper, but together they make for a really snazzy pair of wing-tips we’ll be happy to don for our next alumni gathering. An “A” for style, Darren, you’re skipping a grade to join the big-leaguers.