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The Cerebral Scribe: Montegrappa Brain Pen


The Cerebral Scribe Montegrappa Brain Pen 1

You know what they say about the pen being mightier than the sword…as relevant today as it was in the age of quills and ink-pots, this exquisite writing instrument from Montegrappa will turn heads when you whip it out from your jacket’s inner pocket.

Memorably dubbed the Brain Pen, this collection of finely wrought fountain and roller ball pens was developed in collaboration with Dr. Richard Restak, a foremost expert in the field of neurology. The design of the pens drew inspiration from that most enigmatic of organs itself, with an emphasis on the fascinating, intrinsic connection between a man’s psychical and physical selves.

The end result is a gorgeous thought-provoking accoutrement, with the nib and cover being richly embellished to represent the intricacies of the brain, while the pen’s main body is kept clean, as a parallel to the relatively simple but no less beautiful human physique.

The Cerebral Scribe Montegrappa Brain Pen 2

Brain Roller Ball Solid 18K Gold & Diamonds

The cap is adorned with a stylized representaion of the brain, the carvings based on an ancient physician’s illustration. Overlain with “neurons”, the cap is connected to the “spinal cord” of the pocket clip, which comes equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism. The tip is lacquered in scarlet or deep black, a color code used to denote the difference between the fountain from the roller ball.

Another interesting element worth pointing out: the nib is also engraved with a decorative image of a seahorse, a representation of the hippocampus, the part of the brain which resembles the aforementioned marine creature.

Finally, the limited edition Brain Pen collection from Montegrappa is issued in numbers that hold special “brainy” associations: the 1,012 silver fountain pens represent the precise number of neurons in the human brain, which are estimated to be between 10 raised to the 12th power or 10 raised to the 13th power; 900 silver roller ball pens, which is the number of neurotransmitter molecules released by a single synaptic vesicle; and so on.

Every Brain Pen will be accompanied with a book written specially for Montegrappa by Dr. Restak. Peruse the collection at your nearest Montegrappa boutique now: they will make excellent gifts for your brainy loved one. Happy reading and writing!