TAG Heuer Masters on MikrotourbillonS


“Watch” TAG Heuer’s design and research team waxing lyrical about the creation of the Swiss fine manufacture’s most ambitious chronograph to date, the MikrotourbillonS, the latest novelty installment in what is affectionately known in horological circles as the Mikro series. 

What’s the big deal about this new model? For starters, this “whirlwind” (a “tourbillon” is, after all, French for that particular weather phenomenon) owes claim to being the world’s fastest tourbillon, and it boasts not one but two of these complications. This technical feat allows the chronograph function to revolve around its axis at an unprecedented rate of once ever five seconds, which even by TAG Heuer’s own pioneering metrics is pretty much off-the-charts extraordinary. 

Packed into a handsome package that can stand as a stylish timepiece in its own right, see a specially put together video of the UK launch of this audacious marvel of horology, which includes inteview snippets with Christoph Behling, TAG Heuer Designer and Guy Semon, the Manufacture’s Head of R&D.