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Mightier Than The Sword: Montblanc Personal Code Ink Edition


Mightier Than The Sword Montblanc Personal Code Ink Edition 1

While this may come as surprising news to some techies, the pen is as relevant today as the day man first dipped quill in ink. After all, statesmen and powerbrokers still sign important documents with pens. Keeping the writing culture alive, Montblanc has steadily produced some of the world’s finest writing instruments. 

Taking the art of personalisation to the next level, the brand fuses tradition with technology in its bespoke Personal Code Ink service. Each batch of ink is engineered with a unique botanical code—much like your DNA—made specifically for your as an added layer of security when signing said documents, and thus deftly keeping forgers at bay. 

Available at #01-02-01, Mandarin Gallery, Tel: +65 6836 3190.