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Monday Johnnie Walker Blues: Blue Label X Porsche Design


If you’re feeling the impending effects of what can only be described as the archetypal Monday Blues, let Johnnie Walker Blue Label show you that the  cool hue can connotate beauty and joy, too. In an inspired collaboration with masters of sleek industrial studio Porsche Design, this short walks you through the making of what the two giants in their respective industries dub a “game-changing partnership”. We love the dreamy, fluid feel of the film, as if the filmmakers were drunk (pun!) on the beauty of what their lens were beholding. Keep an eye out for the bespoke Private Bar, the star of the collection, specially crafted for just fifty very privileged individuals. 

Of course, Scotch fans can get a piece of the action as well, with the more reachable but no less deluxe Johnnie Walker Blue Lable Limited Edition, an objet d’art that needs to be in your mini-bar cabinet, stat. We love good whisky and we love beautiful things, so gazing at this beautiful blue bottle reallly lifted our “spirits”, so to speak. Enough waxing poetic, just click “play”…and let the whisky’s blueness wash over you like the silken embrace of the sea.