Batting for Your Team: Wang Leehom is New Coach


Boys, here’s your new Coach: scoring a home run for the all-American heritage house is major leaguer Wang Leehom, seen here at the Shanghai soiree announcing his appointment as the new mug for Coach’s line of men’s accessories. The American-born Taiwanese multi-hyphenate—incidentally also a huge baseball fan—was pitched, so to speak, as the perfect gent for the job: besides being devastatingly handsome, his youthful yet refined aura of old-school dandyism meant he was the Coach man. 

The soulful crooner’s rep as a decent, all-round good guy aside, what probably sealed the deal was Leehom’s aforementioned love for the great outdoors. Coach is, after all, a leather label founded upon crafting the most sturdy and beautiful of baseball gloves—a tradition you can see reflected in the masculine ease of the “Thompson” tote slung casually in the nook of Leehom’s lean arm.