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Shocking Game: Electro-Polished Steel Foosball


Electropolished Foosball Xl

Wrought in Spain from steel and sturdy African iroko wood, the metallic body of this boisterous boy’s toy is a gorgeous matte, the result of immersing the sheets in an eletrolyte bath to remove scratches and other imperfections.

With players also molded from rust-resistant metal and state-of-the-art levelers to keep the foosball table balanced on even the most uneven of terrain, this is a handsome, minimalist showpiece that can be hauled outdoors for games on your lawn on a sunny day.

Foosball Table From Restoration Hardware2 Foosball Table From Restoration Hardware3 Foosball Table From Restoration Hardware4

Restoration Hardware

This story was originally published on Luxury-Insider.com