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#MFMF21: Get Lucky

#MFMF21: Get Lucky

As celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day come to a crescendo this weekend, we reckon you don’t need a shamrock to get lucky. Whether you are lucky in love, or in need of better luck, we share the songs that make us feel lucky in this week’s #MFMF.


Epik High / Eternal Sunshine ft. Suga of BTS 

Jocelyn: The last couple of months have been stressful for Jocelyn as she navigates a very very different world of fashion. The fourth track in Epik High’s EP Sleepless in _______ is about living with the pressure of trying to succeed and the anxiety that comes with it. Tablo’s sweet murmur of “I wish you Eternal Sunshine” provides affirmation that with a little luck, things will get better.


Travis Scott / Butterfly Effect

Yong Hao: As far as luck is concerned, Yong Hao has pretty much been dealt a horrible hand more times than not. In fact, he is still recouping his losses from Big Two flops last Chinese New Year, and Travis Scott’s Butterfly Effect encapsulates his plight perfectly. Like its title suggests, instead of beating the system and taking home a Lambo’s worth of winnings, his loss seems to be compounded exponentially. A starting capital of $10 yielded a dividend well within the negatives; alas it was just not his day at the table.


Drax Project / Woke Up Late ft. Hailee Steinfield

Wilson: With lyrics like “woke up late/ somewhere far away from home” and “wonder how long I slept in/ I don’t know where the hell I’ve been/ I know that’s all right”, Drax Project’s latest EDM track is a timely reminder of the simple luxuries in life – dancing into the wee hours, waking up late and having no immediate concerns to attend to. As the feel-good song is spun on repeat, one can’t help but feel motivated to complete the week’s to-do list. No procrastination, just pure luck with no road blocks for the full steam ahead. 


Nakhane / Christopher

Wei Jian:  Nakhane’s upbeat ditty exudes all sorts of good vibes as he serenades about being in a relationship with his partner Christopher; “When his light go and I’m alone what will I do?” Besides that, he also gets away with groovy dancing and unabashed hip-thrusting in public, proving that Lady Luck’s definitely on his side.

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