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Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Spring/Summer’19 accessories will never break your heart even as you fall deeper in love with them.

Calvin Klein Jeans Wool sweater, cotton turtleneck sweater; Sandro Cotton joggers; Saint Laurent Leather messenger bag, canvas sneakers


Hermès Canvas sneakers


Ermenegildo Zegna Couture Polyester-blend jacket, wool-blend tank top, polyester-blend pants, canvas sneakers; Gucci Leather bag


Sandro Cotton cap


View the full spread in Men’s Folio’s Feb’19 New Love issue.


Photography Mun Kong

Styling Sapphire Chin

Photography Assistant Ryan Ho

Videography Marcus Li & Khoo Yong Hao

Grooming and hair Zoel Teo using Urban Decay and Hanz De Fuko

Model JJ Lim

Dogs Zai Zai / Khoo Yong Hao, Loffie / Lynette Kee, JJ / Bryan Adams Tan


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