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#MFMF20: In the Mood for Love

#MFMF20: In the Mood for Love

Just like that, we leave the boisterous festivities of Chinese New Year behind and head fully into February with a replenished bank account. Alas, another important date awaits us. In tandem with our New Love issue, this week’s #MFMF welcomes Valentine’s Day with heart-fluttering serenades to get you and that special someone into the swing of things.


Jubel / Dancing In The Moonlight ft. NEIMY

Wilson: A feel-good song with an explosion of loosened inhibitions, this EDM remake of Toploader’s original makes Wilson feel fuzzy all over. This is how love should be: tearing down one’s defenses, slow dancing in each other’s arms, and having all the fun in the world as if you are the starring lead in a rom-com. Definitely the hit soundtrack of Wilson’s rom-com movie.


Lil Peep & ILoveMakonnen / I’ve Been Waiting ft. Fall Out Boy

Sapphire“I wanna drink my wine, I wanna pass that by/ I wanna make her cry, she wanna make me die/ Apple pie, six cigarettes/ And I’ll catch the vibe we can’t forget” Like an addiction to drugs, one call from your lover can make you fall into oblivion. Sapphire feels that being in love is something one can never get enough of. At the end of the day, no matter how much a couple may feel like killing each other, things will definitely be okay after an apple pie and six cigarettes. 


Alextbh / no space

Jocelyn: Jocelyn was never really blessed with happy Valentine’s Day experiences, upsetting to say the least. This fresh little number came out at the perfect time to remind her that as much as she wants to live her best 2019, the lyrics Palm trees, night skies/ Till the sunrise/ Don’t leave me right now” will always remind her about the last time she loved so fiercely.


ALA.NI / Ol Fashioned Kiss

Wei Jian: Nothing stirs the soul like an old fashioned kiss. From a simple peck on the cheek to full blown face eating with a side of tongue, giving your lips to another is an underrated act of affection (especially when everyone dives straight to the main event these days). And kisses are not solely reserved for romances; kiss your friends’ faces more because platonic love is just as strong. “Kiss me quick/ Kiss me hard/ Make it slow/ Make it soft” So, kiss?


Logic / 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid

Yong Hao: Yong Hao believes that your relationship status should not gatekeep you from celebrating Valentine’s Day. Why not take the day to love yourself (not in that way, but whatever floats your boat) and take a breather from it all? Like what Logic sings, “It can be hard/ It can be so hard/ But you gotta live right now”. If you are feeling down, speak up, talk to someone and pour your heart out – it could make a world of a difference.

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