Pore-fectly Cleansed

Pore-fectly Cleansed

Having crystal-clear skin speaks on so many different levels. It demonstrates discipline in adhering to a strict grooming routine, and also indicates that he puts in effort to look his best all the time. Unfortunately, Singapore’s unforgivingly humid and temperate climate is not an ideal petri dish to nurture a picture-perfect face, and this is where pore-cleansing facial products come in. As one inevitably sweats buckets in the tropical heat, sebum and dead skin cells will clog up pores and promote the growth of nettlesome pimples. If you are seeking the elixir to combat these problematic blemishes, look no further than these effective pore cleansers.



LAB Series Multi-Action Face Wash

If the hassle of going through countless boutiques is off-putting, you can find comfort in LAB Series’ Multi Action Face Wash. Formulated for dry and normal skin types, the multi-action foaming cream cleanses and refines, dissolving excess oil and unclogging pores without drying out. Pesky dead skin cells are also dealt with by purifying exfoliants for a healthy appearance. As a bonus, the cream helps lift, soften and smooth beard hair for a comfortable shaving experience, killing two birds with one product.


SK-II Men Moisturising Cleanser

The SK-II Men Moisturising Cleanser promises a deep cleanse by honing the properties of its trademark ingredient. Infused with Pitera, a natural bio-ingredient containing over 50 micro-nutrients, the easy-to-rinse cleanser flushes out impurities with every wash, leaving no pore unchecked. Menthol also aids in the quest for clear skin by giving the pores a breath of refreshing air, and is especially invigorating if you spend all your time cooped up in a stuffy office.



Clinque Blackhead Solutions 7 Day Deep Pore Cleanse & Scrub

Incorporate masks into your grooming arsenal to maintain a glowing complexion. Clinique’s 3-in-1 cleanser-scrub-mask is a good way to start a mask-wearing routine, while still having other time-friendly options on hand. A blend of potent ingredients like glucosamine, Kaolin clay and Vitamin E work to control excess sebum, preventing future blackheads from forming while leaving the skin feeling calm and comfortable. It is also fragrance-free, so rest easy when applying it on your delicate face.


Origins Active Charcoal Exfoliating Cleansing Powder

Charcoal should not be ignored in the pursuit of a good and reliable cleanser. The ingredient weeds out bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles on the surface of skin, and Origins’ Active Charcoal Exfoliating Cleansing Powder does just that. The formula also buffs away dull, dead cells, leaving the skin soft and smooth to the touch.

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