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#MFMF15 Shaving Symphonies

#MFMF15 Shaving Symphonies

The humdrum of shaving can prove to be too overwhelming for some, but luckily for the advent of music, even the most monotonous of shears can be salvaged by groovy beats. In light of the upcoming No Shave Movember, here is an compelling list of tunes to trim to.


Jess Glynne / Thursday

Wilson: Jess Glynne’s “Thursday” has a groovy uplifting tempo that is not too upbeat to leave unshaven spots. Mid-shave, it feels great to belt out with Glynne: “Sometimes I’m shy and I’m anxious/ Sometimes I’m down on my knees/ Sometimes I try to embrace all my insecurities/ So I won’t wear makeup on Thursday/ ‘Cause who I am is enough”. Then you wonder who you are really shaving for, but continue anyway because you don’t want society to ask if your life has gone up in smoke.


Kris Wu / Freedom ft. Jhené Aiko

Marcus: As someone who can only grow a sparse Chinese moustache and goatee, Marcus dislikes growing his facial hair out. In fact, the only time when he doesn’t shave is when he is hiding at home, away from responsibilities. In a way, shaving for him is freeing, both physically and mentally from the monotony of life.


Fitz and the Tantrums / HandClap

Sapphire: When “HandClap” by Fitz and the Tantrums is played, it usually means it’s time to party. For Sapphire, shaving signifies the start of a night of irrational decisions; after all, she is pretty confident she can make anyone’s hands clap 😉


Khalid / Better

Yong Hao: Although Khalid’s “Better” may have (not so) subtle sexual undertones, one could also argue that it is in fact a commentary on the ever-so satisfying act of shaving. With a chorus like “Nothin’ feels better than this/ Nothin’ feels better” and a bridge that goes “Go left, right, left, like/ Take you back when you’re side to side/ Like that, like that, ayy”, there is absolutely no denying that Khalid could be preaching about a man’s gratification of having a thoroughly clean-shaven face.


Young Thug / High ft. Elton John

Wei Jian: If you want to start your mornings right, Young Thug’s sampling of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” brings all the vibes. The unlikely collab uplifts mundane morning rituals with its buoyant tune and vocals, and when John ascends the line “And I’m gonna be high“, Young Thug’s falsetto beats him to end for a refreshing splash to half-woken faces.


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