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Keep Your Oktoberfest Spirits High with These Drinks

Keep Your Oktoberfest Spirits High with These Drinks

The image of a barmaid dressed in a traditional Bavarian dirndl, carrying large quantities of beer jugs, is quintessentially Oktoberfest. So is beer-drinking while eating Würstl (sausages), Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) and Brezen (pretzels). But if you get bored of the beverage, here are some alcoholic alternatives to keep your Oktoberfest spirits geil (word for great).


Port Charlotte 10

If the Oktoberfest crowd gets too much, transport yourself to Islay and experience its fresh salty air with this heavily-peated single malt scotch whisky. Previously only available in limited quantities, Bruichladdich is permanently bringing back its flagship Port Charlotte 10, revamped with new bottling. Aged for 10 years, it is bottled at 50% ABV and uses 100% Scottish barley from the Inverness-shire region. Elevate your Oktoberfest with Port Charlotte 10’s vast flavour of smoky barbecue intertwining with tones of apple, apricot and sweet malt.


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Volcán de mi Tierra

The distinct flavour of Volcán de mi Tierra erupts your beer-bored tastebuds when you take a sip. The tequila makes full use of terroir (the climate, soils and terrain of a particular region affecting the taste of wine), blending highland and lowland agave to create a drink that brings together the best of both regions. Made with agave grown for eight years in 100,000-year-old volcanic soil and a terroir shaped by generations, time is the key ingredient that gives the Volcán de mi Tierra its nuanced herbal, earthy, citrusy aroma.


Chivas XV

Bring out the Chivas XV at the height of any event. The 15-year-old blend challenges conventions on the enjoyment of Scotch whisky; no longer does Chivas have to be drunk in a serious setting. Instead, expect fun times to be even more pleasurable as the Chivas XV is designed to be compatible with a “wide range of contemporary serving styles”, including shots or cocktails. For a touch of luxury, the Chivas XV comes in a gold bottle to stand out during moments of celebration.

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