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Hard-Pressed for Time

Hard-Pressed for Time

We get that watches aren’t made to break. After all, it would be silly if all it took was one misplaced step to send decades of dedicated watchmaking down the drain. Regardless, it is only human to err, as one finds themselves carelessly exposing beloved timepieces to the merciless perils of the outside world. With Oktoberfest rolling around, it is mind-numbingly difficult to decide on which watch to bring to the accident-prone festival. Fret not, here is a list of stylishly sturdy tickers to grace your clumsy wrists.



Casio G-Shock MTG-B1000

A no-brainer right here: Casio’s G-Shock is a household name for precisely the reasons why we’re curating this list. Not only has the icon withstood the test of time, it famously resists all mechanical shocks and vibrations, making it ideal for the working class. However, the G-Shock transcends status, and modern renditions like the MTG-B1000 simply cannot be overlooked. The MTG-B1000 takes Casio’s Core Guard Structure and improves upon it by taking on a more streamlined case profile for maximum wearability. The original integrity of the MT-G series remains intact, with bezel and case back joined with metal parts to form a frame that houses and protects the watch module, so bump away.


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Hublot Big Bang MP-11

Setting the bar sky-high is Hublot’s Big Bang MP-11. Clad in 3D carbon – a material previously unused in watchmaking – the polymer matrix composite is reinforced with three-dimensional fibre woven resin and shaped into a case inspired by a race-car engine, in case you’re not over the F1 fad just yet. The watch weighs a stunning 90 grams, making it apt for flailing party-goers; gone are the days where resilience is compromised at the expense of weight. The multi-cylindrical movement construction also ensures two weeks of full autonomy, all encased within ultra-light material. Bring this forward-thinking watch along, and let cutting-edge technology shield your wrists.



Victorinox I.N.O.X. Mechanical

In an interesting juxtaposition of the rugged look of a wooden strap and the sleek disposition of stainless steel, Victorinox’s highly-anticipated I.N.O.X is back, this time reincarnated mechanically (all previous I.N.O.X. models are quartz). At first glance, it appears as a mere doppelgänger to its quartz counterpart, but a flip reveals a transparent caseback which allows its wearer to revel in all its mechanical glory. The guilloche dial, reminiscent of a Swiss officer’s knife, is what makes the design stand out, and the signature bezel is coated to make it even more resistant to wear and tear while retaining its lustre. The aforementioned wooden strap is a welcomed novelty, crafted on a durable leather base – a testament to the brand’s strong environment consciousness, and assuring a scuff-free Oktoberfest.

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